What it takes for our product to reach our clients

Tooling: 5 Molds

Tooling: five complex plastic injection Molds are needed to manufacture the anamina Mixing Bowl to the highest quality standards and to obtain the highly-polished gloss finish.


Raw Material

We absolutely love the chosen material and we can promise you will appreciate its awesome qualities as well. Like all high-quality stuff, its purchase price reflects the material’s superior features.

Fabrication & Logistics

To bring the anamina Mixing Bowl to you, we’re preparing for the complex manufacturing process, quality check, packing, storing, transportation, & delivery. Good things don’t come easily!

While it is discretely beautiful, the anamina Mixing Bowl is also a result of technical excellence.
We were inspired by the sphere – the most compact, structurally sound shape that holds the greatest volume.
With a robust 0.14 inch thickness and a total weight of ~2 pounds, our bowl is the result of smart design and behaves accordingly.

Tooling Construction


In order to manufacture the anamina Mixing Bowl to the highest standards in quality and finishing, we designed five separate molds that are used in perfectly-controlled hot injection processes.
We employed the absolutely best steel available on the market, and the total weight of the molding assembly is over 3 metric tons. The high standards used in the tooling stage ensure an absolutely flawless fabrication with no bevels or imperfections.
After careful deliberation on offers from three continents, we concluded tooling construction contracts with two top-level tooling manufacturers: TAFmold from Portugal and China United Mould from China.



We decided to start the production in our country-Romania. We made this decision together with our investors for many solid reasons, among which the most important ones are sustaining the national economy and the high quality we shall meet by producing in partnership with one of the top plastic injection manufacturers in Romania –REINERT Kunststofftechnik .
We cut no corners as we wanted to obtain the best quality we could possibly get. Our production partner ticked all the boxes, so everything is set for mass production.

Quality Check


With quality as our topmost priority, we design home and kitchen products that are both functional and aesthetically remarkable.

We do care about each detail of the end result, and quality is one of our core values.

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