Dan Sucu


The Entrepreneur Dan Sucu, owner and founder of Mobexpert Group, has led his business’ evolution to the empire it is today. For almost three decades, Dan Sucu has created the largest furniture company in Romania by building his business on being reliable and respectable. Today, Dan Sucu transfers his principles and legacy to the young entrepreneurs who succeeded to gain his trust within the Shark Tank Romania (a.k.a. ”Imperiul Leilor”). We feel awesomely fortunate and are extremely honored of having Dan Sucu on board as one of our investors.

Bogdan Micu


Bogdan Micu is a very successful Romanian entrepreneur who developed his green energy business all over the world. He also invested in several other fields like trade, banking, IT, construction or gyms, while he is very actively volunteering in the environmental area. Bogdan Micu is a great believer in the bravery and determination of young entrepreneurs and as a shark at Shark Tank Romania (a.k.a. ”Imperiul Leilor”), he decided to invest in our project. We highly value the opportunity of learning from Bogdan’s expertise on global markets and are truly grateful for his support.

Andrei-Mina David

Partner & Founder

Fearless and eager to swim with the sharks, and also a good and kind young man with an open heart and a bright spirit – this is Mina, our founder.

Carmen David

Partner & Founder

Mother to Ana and Mina, partner and founder, Carmen‘s job is the orchestra. In her own words, ”she had the inspiration and luck to involve an incredible team in bringing the anamina Mixing Bowl to life”.


Attorneys and Counselors

A reference of trust and professionalism, Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP enjoys wide international recognition due to its impressive, prominent success record, as top of the most valuable law firms specialized in international arbitration and international transactions. LDDP is also specialized in EU and international trade law, corporate law, M&A, international litigation. We shall be honored to entrust LDDP with any legal matter concerning our company.

Hershkovitz & Associates

Prosecution of patents before the USPTO

The Firm specializes in the prosecution of patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and relies on highly skilled professionals who held for many years senior executive positions in the USPTO. The Firm counts among its clients highly respected Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the largest foreign Intellectual Property firms. We are deeply grateful to Hershkovitz & Associates for successfully conducting our endeavors before the USPTO.

Roberto Luo - Hansheng

Patent and legal services

Roberto Luo is a senior partner of Hansheng Law. His fantastic career record involved handling over 1300 international patents, representing many Future 500 companies, advising AI startups that value today $100 million. He is a sound patent attorney and attorney at law, a member of NYSBA, and an arbitrator in WAC. His professional performance is cited by the Supreme Court of China in the ”IP Model Cases”. We enjoyed a splendid collaboration with Roberto Luo who enforced our patents in China.

Doina Tuluca

IP Expert

Doina, our trusted European Patent and Trademark Attorney, validated and cleared the IP behind the idea. Doina’s experience and guidance proved invaluable to all stages of the project.

REINERT Kunststofftechnik

Plastic injection manufacturer

REINERT Kunststofftechnik – Oradea, is our trusted partner for mass production that enjoys a wonderful reputation thanks to its more than 25 years of experience in development, injection and processing of thermoplastic components. Reinert is a full range services provider for the plastics processing industry that manufactured in Romania multiple generations of flawless plastic injected product-lines for global automotive or consumer-goods players. REINERT Kunststofftechnik is committed to the highest standards in quality and finishing being widely certified.


Tooling constructor


Five complex plastic injection molds are needed to manufacture The anamina Mixing Bowl at the highest standards in quality. After careful deliberation on offers from three continents, we concluded a tooling construction contract with TAFmold – a top-level tooling manufacturer from Portugal. We trust that TAFmold’s impressive expertise and the high standards used in the tooling stage ensure an absolutely flawless fabrication with no bevels or imperfections.

China United Mould

Tooling constructor & Plastic injection

We plan to expand our business overseas and China United Mould will join us alongside this journey. Besides the great testimonials and credentials we’ve been offered, we experienced a wonderful business relationship with this highly professional company, based on promptitude, kindness, and good will. We truly appreciate China United Mold’s partnership and friendship.

Rondo Carton



Rondo Carton business is centered around the manufacture of corrugated board packaging products and corrugated case material. Thanks to long-term thinking and a responsible approach to resources, Rondo builds sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers and community in a highly dynamic environment characterized by expertise, professional competence and commitment. Rondo Carton is our trusted, valuable partner for packaging and related matters.

Bogdan Ciulian

Complet Project

Bogdan is an absolutely brilliant product design engineer with 15+ years of experience. Alongside his team at Complet Project, he designed more than 1000 complex molds for clients all over the world. Beyond his MSc in industrial engineering and his ongoing work on his PhD, Bogdan is an authentic talent, capable of finding the smartest technical solutions for turning an idea into reality.

Dragos Ciofu

Online Guru

In charge of all things online, Dragos kept everything up and running, from our online presence to our supply and e-commerce distribution channels. With a solid background in Embedded Engineering and as a self-taught online marketer and entrepreneur, if there’s something you can do with a computer, he’s the man for the job.

Alin Ciorecan

Ciorecan Media

With a professional approach, Alin from Ciorecan Media delivers the videography. His patience and perseverance were only matched by his striking talent and his desire that everything turns out just perfect.

Andrei Gradinariu

IT Artist

Andrei Gradinariu is a fantastic professional, highly experienced, helpful, flexible, forward-thinking, and proactively devising effective strategies that would benefit our business. But most of all, he is the very master of websites and takes great care of ours.

Dan Ene


As a professional fashion and product photographer, Dan put everything into perspective. Thanks to him we learned that product photography isn’t easy, but even an impossible shot is a piece of cake for Dan.

Group Advertising


The Group Advertising team consistently added value to our project, driven by originality and obsession with creative details. They provided great advice and support in areas regarding brand identity, design, print and PR, making their general contribution invaluable.

Alexandra Prelipceanu

Arch. PhD.

Alexandra is a gifted architect with a keen eye for design and utility, and has used her talent and extensive skills to outline an emerging idea.

Decisiv Media Print

Advertising Production

Decisiv Media Print is an agency specialized in digital printing and indoor printing, covering a wide range of digital prints on various materials. It is also a skilled supplier of customized promotional materials and we love them for being reliable, creative, striving for high quality, at a fair price.

Message from the founders

”Growing this business and making it successful became my living dream. Even though I am still very young and have a lot to accomplish, the guidance and know-how from our partners lead my enthusiasm and offer me a great chance of learning how to do things right.”

Mina David, Anamina Plus SRL

“Bringing to life a dear product idea was a beautiful but complex adventure that challenged my determination and required learning a lot, investing devotion and passion alongside my entire professional and life experience, in a 24/7 work effort.”

Carmen David, Anamina Plus SRL

“We’d love this product to enchant you, and to bring you joy and good spirits beyond its utility benefits. Thank you so much for supporting us!”

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