Extend Your Warranty
Get Your Discount Coupon

You’ll receive a coupon for 10% off an Anamina for a loved one, just for making the smart move to UPGRADE your warranty FREE from Amazon’s basic 30 days to the Anamina 2 Years Limited Warranty*

*Anamina Limited Warranty means:

WHAT IS COVERED: that the products are free of material faults, manufacturing defects and design flaws.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: (1) Damage due to normal wear and tear (2) Marks caused by usage (3) Damage due to incorrect or inappropriate use (4) Damage due to failure to observe the instructions given for use, maintenance, care, etc. (5) Change of mind or dislike of product (6) Other situations, but not limited to just these items: accidental situations, fire damage, vandalism, accident, theft, misuse or abuse, damage caused by a faulty ANAMINA product (7) This also does not warrant the product is obsolete at some point in the future.